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Here at the pub you’ll find our signature products packaged for gift giving…
…or, you may just want to create an island of tranquility for yourself at home.
Our custom crafted boxes measure 4”x4”x4” but are packaged with a ridiculous amount of love and kindness. Each package is an experience of luxurious products to pamper the body and spirit.
Our products change with the seasons but you will always receive four of our luxurious products in each standard box. This is not just a product purchase it is a hand crafted home spa experience to enjoy!
I make small batches using unique, locally sourced ingredients to preserve the quality of the products. I reserve the right to substitute items as needed to fulfill orders.
Our most popular products will be available for individual purchase. Each box is handcrafted and can be customized for any occasion. Please let us know if you would like us to create something special for you or an event.
Prices are inclusive of packaging, shipping and taxes. Orders of 10 or more boxes all shipped to the same address will receive a 10% discount.


My Scrub Pub

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